Topics include: - Foundations of special educational needs from an international perspective - Transitions and other special considerations for families with children who have special needs - Assisting families with instructional strategies for children with special needs - Assisting families in evaluating learning and social environments of children with special needs - Special interpersonal skills needed in assisting families of children with special needs
This course is designed to help education consultants become more familiar with the approaches to home education, common challenges faced by families who are home schooling on the field, and helping families engage in educational planning involving home education.
The goal of this course is to improve and enhance the interpersonal skills of educational consultants as they work with parents and teammates. Though the topic of interpersonal skills is very broad, we will try to focus on our own skill set and how we can improve those behaviors that most impact our role as consultants.
This course is appropriate for cross-cultural education consultants who are new to the field or who desire a review of issues in the field as a whole.